Robert has been writing a blog devoted to personal development and self mastery on this website. He has also started Time Book Entertainment, a multimedia entertainment company, and designs games.

In June, Robert participated in a group show supporting http://www.freedomladder.org and their goal of putting an end to the exploitation and trafficking of children.

On March 18, 2016, Robert showed a series of watercolors at Tugboat Tea Company in his neighborhood of Prospect-Leffterts Gardens in Brooklyn. The work was hung for a month and some of it was sold.

Upscale international women’s clothing brand Sayaka Davis collaborated with Robert again for their ’15 Fall/Winter collection, featuring a print from Prismatic Visions, “The Fire” (see photo at left).

Selected pieces from Prismatic Visions were shown at Rabbithole Studios (33 Washington St., Brooklyn — Dumbo area) in Oct, 2015.