It’s About You


x29_cropped8.5x10You might be thinking “There are a million blogs. Why should I care?”

Because this blog is about YOU.


I’m opening with an outline of exactly how to make your dreams come to life. And I’m putting my money where my mouth is by detailing my own steps from launching a tiny, worthless company and inviting you to watch me build it into a multi-billion dollar empire.

But I’ll tickle you with predictions later. Right now, I’m going to give you an outline – a formula — for making your dreams come true.

Every step in this magic formula will be fleshed out in future entries.

The Steps:

1)Dream. Dream big. Consider what people need and what makes you happy. Can you maintain enthusiasm when times are tough? Can you keep going when there are crises all around you and you have to fight through tears to take a single step forward? Success is a game of inches. Gain an inch every day and you’ll reach your dream.


2)Develop the skills necessary to pull off your dream and make a plan. Be realistic. What can you do? What can you learn to do? What needs to be done? What areas are you unsure about? How can you learn what you need to know and become sure? What are you certain that you cannot do? Why? Ask hard questions and be relentless in answering them truthfully.


3)Evolve yourself to be able to face the challenges you’ll encounter without being crippled or paralyzed by fear. Start identifying weaknesses and turn them into strengths. You are the ultimate product in your sole proprietorship of self. Why not be the best you can be? It makes dream-chasing easier and less frustrating.


4)Incorporate other people into your plan. Weed out “losers” from your life. “Losers” are defined here as people who are unreliable, make you fear your dream, or make you feel bad about yourself.

In my past, I have always dreamed big and the second-biggest obstacle has always been other people (ME, with my own inability to be relentlessly honest and loving to myself – and an unwillingness work hard to achieve big things – was the biggest).

In the past, certain “friends” worked hard to discourage or distract me. Family told me to accept a “job” somewhere, “settle down”, and forget about what I really want. “Be responsible.”

I’m still weeding out the do-nothings in my life and trying to keep them away from my business. It’s part of my daily practice (see below). In weeding out people who are lazy, flaky, non-committed, uninformed yet aggressively opinionated, blame-y, etc; I am able to see my least desirable qualities and eradicate them.

For every role you might have open on your team, there is someone out there whose dream (or one of the steps toward reaching their dream) is to fill that kind of role. Build your team – and fill it out with winners: people you can rely on who are enthusiastic, committed, and want their dreams to come true and who realize that doing so means making your dreams come true, too.


6)View defeat as a learning tool. Every obstacle or setback is an opportunity to re-asses your plans, highlight what skills you need to develop more, and what kinds of roles you need filled by other people. Being flexible and adaptive is one of the secret keys to unlimited power. Your dream will evolve. A ten year old’s dream of being a surgeon looks dramatically different from a med school student’s dream of being a surgeon.



7)Persist. Persistence is the other secret key to unlimited power. Every setback is a gift, allowing you the opportunity to grow and develop. A professional baseball player hits (or throws) thousands of practice pitches. Probably a few hundred thousand over the course of a career in baseball. Why would your dream be any different? Why wouldn’t you want to do whatever it takes to make your dream real?

Making dreams come true is remarkably simple, but rarely easy. The only way to sustain yourself and to find an audience for what you’re doing is by loving what you do and that means PASSION! Show it, live it, share it!

The best manifestation of persistence is in one’s daily practice. I’m going to say a lot about daily practice, because it is the most important thing you can do to help yourself succeed at anything. Every day, you need to exercise your body, your brain, and your spirit. Every day, you have to have a routine that makes you better than you were the day before. A daily practice that works for you will pay interest for the rest of your life and it compounds!


My next blog entry will be about my Daily Practice. I want to share what works for me and, who knows, maybe you can develop a practice of your own that will work for you, too.

Make It Real!

-Robert Nathan Davis


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