About Robert N. Davis

I share magic with the world.

I’m Giving a Talk on Nov 18

On Nov. 18th, I am going to talk about how I cured my (life-long, chronic, debilitating) depression and the series of synchronicities — and the tools — that helped me find my voice as an artist and helped me to “flip the switch” on my life and follow my dreams. A handful of other characters will be speaking on a variety of subjects. The event will run from 8 to 10pm. I’m speaking first, so please come early!

Pacific Standard
82 4th Ave
Brooklyn, New York


After the Show…

My friend Yoko took a whole lot of photos of the Rabbithole show on Oct 28th (click the pic to see more):


It was a wonderful time and it got pretty crowded before the end. I am honored to have so many lovely people viewing my work and spending time with me. The future is bright and will be brighter with you in it!

Changed the Name

I have a lot of new stuff that hasn’t been photographed yet, so the current image gallery isn’t quite up to date yet. On that note, “God of the Wall Demons” seemed less apt than “Prismatic Vision” as a title, so I took some liberty and changed it. When you see the new pieces, you’ll see why.


God of the Wall Demons (part 3)

This is the third group of 6 paintings from Robert Nathan Davis’s “God of the Wall Demons” series.

You’ll have to see them in person in order to appreciate the layering and depth of color/contrast. Hopefully, this will excite your imagination! More will be posted in the future.

  • "The Heart" 18"x24"

God of the Wall Demons (part 2)

This is the second group of 6 paintings from Robert Nathan Davis’s “God of the Wall Demons” series.

Again, it is hard to see the depth and light/color/contrast effects (that are present in the paintings) in the photos, but they should be enough to get you excited. We’ll post more in the coming few weeks.

  • "Springtime in Winter" 18"x24"

God of the Wall Demons (part 1)

This is a preview of six of the paintings in Robert Nathan Davis’s new series, “God of the Wall Demons”. The paintings have more depth and play with light more than can be revealed in a JPEG. Still, these should give you a taste. To really appreciate them, you’ll have to see them in person.  We will post another 6 in the coming weeks. For now, we hope you find some enjoyment in these:

  • "Travelers" 6"x8"