About Robert N. Davis

I share magic with the world.

Doing Pushups


One of my favorite things lately has been listening to my friends talk about their ideas and goals. If I can, I give them advice and I enjoy brainstorming about whatever ideas come up.


On Saturday, my friend Clodel called me up and we went for a walk in the park near my Brooklyn apartment. He’s developing a product and I asked him about it. He told me that he’s reaching out to engineers to help him build a prototype and a factory to help him produce it. Enthused, I asked him if he had thought about blogging; he’s a smart guy with a unique perspective and I think the way his mind works could inspire a lot of people.

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It’s About You

x29_cropped8.5x10You might be thinking “There are a million blogs. Why should I care?”

Because this blog is about YOU.


I’m opening with an outline of exactly how to make your dreams come to life. And I’m putting my money where my mouth is by detailing my own steps from launching a tiny, worthless company and inviting you to watch me build it into a multi-billion dollar empire.

But I’ll tickle you with predictions later. Right now, I’m going to give you an outline – a formula — for making your dreams come true.

Every step in this magic formula will be fleshed out in future entries.

The Steps:

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June 17 Show in NYC for Charity

Contemplation1000ADJI am participating in this show and would really like to see you attend:
I am showing three 36″x36″ pieces which are very new and, I think, resonate with the charity the event supports http://www.freedomladder.org and their goal of putting an end to the exploitation and trafficking of children. It is an issue that has been dear to my heart for some time and I am glad to have been asked to be part of this kind of show.

Friday, June 17
6pm – 8:30pm
Holy Apostles Gallery, 296 9th Ave Manhattan

PLG Arts Presents: Robert Nathan Davis

womanThe PLG Arts Council has invited me to show some of my work at our neighborhood’s staple: Tugboat Tea Company (546 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11225) on Friday, March 18. I would like to focus on presenting watercolor and getting to know the people who are following my journey. The venue is intimate and the atmosphere is classic New York. Please feel free to join me for an evening of magic. My pieces will be priced to sell, so you can come away with more than warm, fuzzy feelings!

Facebook event page:


New Artist’s Statement:
“My goal is to excite the imagination and to unlock the viewer’s childlike sense of wonder. I think trying to ‘say something’ about the times is lazy. I want to provoke the times to be better by inspiring them and invoking the magic that’s lying dormant. Life is commonly presented as this dreary, sleepy nightmare. But it can be colorful and exciting if you want it to be. Don’t ask yourself what I’m trying to show you or tell you. Ask yourself what you need to see and what you wish to say to you — and then see it and say it.”
-Robert Nathan Davis