Robert Nathan Davis is an Artist, Entrepreneur, Designer, and Self-Mastery Blogger based out of New York City.

His paintings are sold in showrooms in NYC and Tokyo. His art has appeared in prints on women’s high end ready-to-wear dresses and tops by renowned designer Sayaka Davis. His paintings are collected on every continent but Antarctica.

Robert’s family moved a lot when he was a child. To say his upbringing was ‘poor’ would be an understatement. “I remember the first time we moved UP to the ghetto,” he says. “For awhile, it was tents and the back seat of a car.” His imagination was his escape from his circumstances and he loved to paint, write, make music, design games, and engage in anything creative he could get into. “I can paint all day, every day and never get bored. It’s the one ‘place’ I can be the most free.” Spending much of his life in sunny west Florida and southern California, Robert has embraced bright colors and sharp contrast into his work. “It just feels natural, like an extension of my inner fantasy world.”

Robert Nathan Davis defies the old cliché of “There’s nothing original under the sun” by having developed a truly unique style. He primarily fingerpaints acrylic on canvas, embellishing with knife and brush. He layers the paint in a way that creates the illusion of three dimensional depth and, on closer inspection, his paintings reveal hidden layers and even hidden colors. Most pieces appear to subtly move or change when the viewer moves, essentially popping out and demanding to be seen. They appear entirely abstract but are secretly representational, the goal being to excite the viewer’s imagination and unlock a sense of childlike wonder and awe.

Robert also runs a multimedia entertainment company, TBE. Check it out if you like games.