Creative Block is a Myth – How Inspiration Works Part 2

dream-1518227_1920On Monday, we examined how to overcome the self-defeating myth of creative block — a routine grounded in the principle of establishing creativity as a regular habit.

But, as with every rule, there are exceptions.

Once in awhile, a person might embrace the creative habit and get no results. Some people have more rapid energy rhythms than other people, meaning that their cycles of work and rest turn over rapidly. Other people have such unhealthy lifestyles that they need to make fundamental changes in order to unclog the dream machine to get it humming. Building an effective lifestyle is one of the themes of this blog, but fundamental changes are the stuff of different posts.

Today, we are going to explore some exercises to give your creative routine a kickstart if you encounter problems.

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Creative Block is a Myth – How Inspiration Works Part 1

wall-823602_1920I used to believe in “creative block”.

Years ago, I would sometimes find myself with articles to write and, nearing the deadline with nothing done, I’d down a few glasses of wine and plow through it, weeping at the (usually subpar) result and the joy of having a monkey off my back.

I believed in the myth.

Later, I discovered how inspiration works.

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